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  • What does the word inundating mean in this sentence from paragraph 1?

    An effort to help restore the Grand Canyon to a more natural state by inundating it with water released from an upstream dam “worked brilliantly,”…


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  • What effect do the brother's actions have on the writer?

    His refusal to help her forces the writer to cope on her own.
    His congratulations at the end of the day make the writer feel better.
    His success in high school gives the writer an example she can follow.
    His unkind attitude teaches the writer to be kind to other people.

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  • Which word best describes how the writer feels at the end of her first day of high school?


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  • The main reason Dunbar uses flashback in “The Old Homestead” is so that the reader will

    know that the poem is set in the past.
    recognize the event as more believable.
    realize that the narrator no longer lives in the cottage.
    contrast the speaker’s memories with the cottage’s present conditions.

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  • What reaction is the poet most likely creating by personifying the moon in stanza 4?



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  • What is most likely the reason that the quotation from Bill Contardi of the William Morris Agency is included in Sample Ad 3?

    to use emotional words that make readers want to buy the book
    to give readers the impression that qualified people endorse this book
    to convince readers that they will be left out if they do not buy the book
    to repeat the key ideas of the advertisement so that readers will remember them

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  • From the writer's point of view, which word best describes the actions of her brother in the story?


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  • In the first two paragraphs, what is the most likely reason Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt uses highly-charged language?

    to impress readers with the cost efficiency of the project
    to persuade readers that the project was worthwhile
    to influence readers to donate money for future projects
    to convince readers to understand the results of the project

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