Safety Tips

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  • Ecto Safety Tips

    While we try to make Ecto as safe and friendly as possible, there are still some things you need to remember. If you are in any doubt using the Internet or Ecto, talk with your Mom, Dad or a responsible adult who will know what to do.

  • 1. Unless your teacher gave you a join code you need a valid e-mail address to sign up with Ecto. If you're 12 years old or younger, your email address is completely removed from our system once we send you the activation message. If you're 13 or older, you also have the option of entering more information if you want, but it's not required for you to enjoy Ecto. Remember - don't give out personal information about yourself like your phone number, pictures of you or your family, where you live, or where you go to school without asking your parents first.
  • 3. Be careful who you talk to on the web. If somebody says something to you, sends you something, or you see something that makes you uncomfortable, don't look around or explore. Get your parents instead - they will know what to do. If this happens on the Ecto site, please let us know by sending a message to “Truls” and we will take the necessary action. Also, remember that nothing you write on the web is truly private - be careful and think before you type!
  • 4. All REAL Ecto activities are contained within the Ecto site. Delete e-mails, files, or web pages that you get from people you don't really know or trust. Sometimes people post links to viruses around the Internet, including on the Ecto site, saying the links lead to other Ecto stuff. Don't be fooled! Links like these go to nasty viruses that can seriously damage your computer. Also, beware of fake Ecto "competitions" and "trades." If they're not located within the Ecto site, then they are not endorsed by us and you are proceeding at your own risk. Don't Forget: no one needs your password to send you an item or for any other reason!
  • 5. Be careful about in-person meetings. Meeting up with people you meet online is not always a great idea, but if you want to, there are 4 very important rules you should stick to.
    • Meet only people you feel you know well, have known for a long time, and only with your parents' knowledge and permission.
    • Meet in a public place, such as a mall.
    • Go with a parent or 18+ sibling (even if you are an adult yourself)!
    • Make sure the person you're meeting is not alone, but coming with a parent/other adult.
  • 7. Always follow your family's rules for the Internet. They're there to make sure you have fun and stay safe online.
  • 2. Don't ever give out your password to anyone (on or off the Ecto site). Ecto staff members will not ask you for your password, and we will NEVER e-mail or message you to get your password. Watch out for fake log-in screens - some people are copying our login box and posting it on their personal web pages to trick people into entering their user names and passwords. Look at the URL - if it says anything other than, DO NOT enter your user information. If anyone does try to get you to reveal your password, please let us know immediately by sending a message to “Truls”.