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Module 1: Technology Tools

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    Workplace Safety

    Technology Tool Overview


    For this scenario, I will used EctoLearning as a Course Management System to facilitate and administer videos and PowerPoint presentations to illustrate particular safety practices and procedures.  I have begun to populate the website with certain videos and modules that I think will be important for workplace safety. You can also access this group from the homepage of the EctoLearning website and search for “Workplace Safety Training”.  There will also be a link to Elluminate Live! which will be used to initially allow students to join in the corporate training seminar.  It will also facilitate employees who either are not able to attend in person or are located in a different location.


    Through different modules of the course, students are expect to participate in a forum discussion regarding specific workplace safety topics. A separate forum will be created for each module that students will participate in that will contain all of the posts made by trainees. Within this forum, students are expected to post thoughtful responses to safety scenarios and appropriate feedback to one another.


    Various presentations will be available to students throughout the course. They will be posted under the Content heading, on the page dedicated to the pertaining module. These must be downloaded by the student to view on their personal computers.  Some presentations will be via online videos such as YouTube, but others will also be PowerPoint presentations or Word documents.

    SmartphonesThe use of smartphones, Ipads and Ipods for things like podcasting, email and posting to discussion posts and social media threads is increasing in popularity and should be included in any distance learners arsenal.



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