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ICCSN Seeks Funding Under Economic Stimulus Package

Established in 2007, the Illinois Community College Sustainability Network (ICCSN) is a consortium of all 48 Illinois community colleges dedicated to providing the training and expertise to engage in the new energy economy.

Initial funding for the network has been provided by the Illinois Department Commerce of Economic Opportunity.

The ICCSN is seeking funds through the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) to build an Illinois green collar workforce. To establish how community colleges can build the green workforce, the ICCSN has created a proposal with two major goals:

  • Rapidly accelerate training and development of the green collar workforce by expanding the Illinois Community College Sustainability Network.
  • Immediately create green collar jobs through bid-ready, college energy projects that use renewable energy and conservation, reduce the energy costs of college facilities, train workers in green collar skills and serve as community demonstrations of green technology.


The Illinois Community College Sustainability Network (ICCSN) is dedicated to

  • rapidly address the new energy economy’s needs for a green jobs workforce and for widespread deployment of energy efficiency and energy conservation to the main street community level;
  • strengthen Illinois community colleges’ capacity to share resources state-wide that provide and promote energy education and sustainable practices;
  • model renewable energy technology on community college campuses; and,
  • establish Illinois as a national leader in training the green collar workforce for renewable energy technology and energy conservation.

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