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NameJames Dowling
DescriptionI help people and organizations find ways to pursue their goals. I find that it is helpful to focus for a while but it is more valuable to me and my clients that I shift focus periodically. How do I learn? I pay attention - to almost everything. I find very few things boring and almost nothing to be a waste of time. Use of Ecto is an example. I hope we can build a network of people who are interested in learning - learning in every which way. Please visit this location from time time and engage in our ocnversation about lifelong learning.
WebsiteThe RBL Group
CityHampstead, NC
HometownBoston, MA
InterestsDigital Photography, Glass Art, Travel, Chocolate, and Beer
BooksStephen Coonts, David Eddings, Herman Melville

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Exuberance
MoviesGene Hackman, Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, Robert Michum, Alfred Hitchcock
MusicAerosmith, Zydeco, Diane Schurr, The Beatles
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