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Using Web 2.0 Tools in Ecto - RSS Feeds (Blogs)

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  • Using RSS Feeds (Blogs, Podcasts)

    Everybody is doing it. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It allows anyone to publish and easily update their own journals, newsletters, magazines in forms such as blogs, podcasts, and newsfeeds. For example, you can create a blog using free applications such as Blogger ( ). Once you publish the blog, you can allow your readers to post comments. Often a community of interactive readership develops as a result.

    Blogs are great for class projects. Many teachers now incorporate blogs into the class projects. For instance, blogs are ideally suited to journaling assignments. For more ideas on using blogs in the classroom, you can visit any number of informative, forward thinking educational blog sites.

    How do RSS feeds fit into Ecto? Let's say you are a teacher and you want to have your students create blogs as a way of journaling their thoughts on class readings. You can create an Ecto learning page for yourself or for the class which compiles the RSS feeds for all of the students. This allows you to easily review and evaluate the blogs from one location. If you choose to make the page visible to the class, it becomes a homebase where they can easily survey the blogs of their classmates and click through to read and make comments.

  • What does RSS stand for?

    Rather silly shenanigans
    Really simple syndication
    Riboflavin social software

  • What kinds of things can you do with RSS feeds in Ecto?

    Blogging as an on-going writing assignment, using Ecto compile the RSS feeds and offer feedback/evaluation.
    Creating a teacher's blog and incorporating the RSS feed into Ecto learning pages for daily reading.
    Assigning blog posts from well-known blogs as an assignment for reading and critical evaluation by incorporating the RSS Feed into an Ecto learning page for an assignment or exam.
    Create a collaborative class blog and use it in Ecto as a part of a cultural exchange with a classroom in a foreign country.
    Divide the classroom into project teams in Ecto and have the teams create and share blogs as part of a project lesson.

  • This site is dedicated to discussions and reflections on the use of Weblogs, wikis, RSS, audiocasts and other Read/Write Web related technologies in the K-12 realm, technologies that are transforming classrooms around the world.
  • Musings on the use and impact of technology in education, and of the future of education in general.
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