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How to use Attendance Tracking

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  • Use the ATTENDANCE tool to record and maintain your attendance records. This tool is especially useful if you are administering your entire course in Ecto rather simply using Ecto to supplement your course.

    DO THIS:

    • To access the ATTENDANCE tool, click the ATTENDANCE button in the upper left area of your group page
  • This takes you to your ATTENDANCE BOOK. It opens by default to the current week. See below. 
  • Notice the layout of the page.

    • The columns correspond to the days of the week.
    • The rows correspond to your individual group/class members.
    • Date navigation – The attendance book for your group/class displays one week at a time. The date is displayed in the upper left area of the page. Use the arrow keys to move to previous or coming weeks. If you need to skip forwards or backwards by a several weeks, you can also enter a specific date and click the GO button.
    • Pull down menus – Use the pull down menus to mark the attendance status of the group members.
    • All present – The ALL PRESENT button automatically marks all of the students in the column as present.  If most of your students are present, you may find it easiest to begin by clicking the ALL PRESENT button and then adjusting the status for the non-present members. Nothing is saved until you click UPDATE.
    • Update - When you are finished marking the attendance for the group members, click the UPDATE button to save the results.
    • Report - By entering a date range in the field in the upper right area of the tool and then clicking the REPORT button, you can generate an attendance report that is easy to read.

    The screen image below shows the pull down menu in use. The images that follow shows what happens once the UPDATE button has been clicked. Notice that the attendance data becomes color coded.

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