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Ecto Glossary

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  • Ecto Profile / Ecto Identity – The way others in Ecto see you. Your Ecto Profile, or Ecto Identity as it is also known, includes a picture and some information about you that you choose to share. You can select which information is public and which information is visible only to your friends or groups.
  • Messages – Message system that allows Ecto users to communicate directly internally in Ecto. Ecto messages do not go outside the system.
  • Invites – Special purpose messages that invite you to become a friend or a member of a group.
  • Friends – Direct connection between you and other Ecto users.
  • Group – Whenever you connect multiple Ecto users you are forming a group. If you are a teacher who wants to assemble a classroom of students in Ecto, you form a group. There are many other uses for forming groups: forming interest groups, sharing best practices with other teachers, self-directed learning, parent groups, etc.
  • Subgroup – Subgroups can be formed within larger groups. Subgroups enable you to do things like create project teams within a classroom.
  • Joint Groups – A joint group is a group that combines the membership of your group and another group.
  • Linked Groups – A linked group is a group that is simply linked to your group.
  • Content page – Content pages are the basic form of content delivery in Ecto. To assemble content into activities, assignments, lessons, tests, resources, etc., you create a new page in Ecto. You can then deliver the page to members of your group. The page is stored in the Ecto library.
  • Ecto Clipboard – The clipboard is a place to temporarily store content that you find in Ecto so that you can copy it into a content page you are making.
  • Owner – The creator of a group or a content page is its owner. The owner has editing and administrative privileges.
  • Admin – An owner can make a member of a group into an Admin. Admins have additional editing and other administrative rights within a group.
  • Members – Members are the individuals that are part of a group, for example, students in a class would be in Ecto speak “members of a group”.
  • Authors –The Owner or an Admin of a group may make a member of a group an Author. The Author has content creation and editing privileges in a group.
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