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Section 3 - Part 3

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  • Part 1
    1. Watch the video here. But you can only watch the video one time.
    2. Describe what you saw in the video, the event, and write it as a blog.
    3. Compare your description of the event in the video to your classmates' descriptions.
    4. Comment on your classmates' blogs about the differences you found. Comment on at least two classmates' blogs.

    Part 2

    1. Thinking about the previous activity, read the eyewitness accounts here. While you read them think about why they are different even though it is about the same event.
    2.  Find other examples of eyewitness accounts using primary source document archives. Try to find eyewitness accounts that show different perspectives of the same event.
    3. Post your findings in a blog post. 
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