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Section 4 - Finding Repetitions and Formulating Hypothesis

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  • Part 1
    1. Choose a leader from the list in Section 1 Part 1, the leader presentation assignment, and sign up for that leader in GoogleDocs SignUp. You must choose a different leader than you chose for the presentation assignment. If you have someone you want to write about who is not on the list, send me a proposal explaining who you want to write about and why. 
    2. Do research about that leader. Particularly look for primary source documents.
    3. Practice creating a thesis statement here.

    Part 2

    1. Write a thesis statement about your chosen leader based on the research you have done.
    2. Choose two sources from your research and find quotes to use in order to support your thesis. 
    3. Create an outline for a paper. Include your thesis statement, supporting statements, and quotes from resources that support the thesis and supporting statements.
    Note: You will have two weeks for this section.
    Section Objectives
  • In this section we will:

    1.  evaluate repetitions in history
    2. study historical facts
    3. formulate historical hypothesis
    Questions to Consider
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