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Section 5 - Using History to Analyze Current Events

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    1. Read newspapers, links to newspapers can be found in Resources, and find a current event article that shares similarities with a historical event related to your leader. For example: Franklin Delano Roosevelt is my chosen leader to research and he managed the country during the Great Depression. A current event article with similarities would be an article about the current economic downturn. 
    2. Write a summary about the relationship between your current event and your leader, including a link to the newspaper article. Post these as a blog post.
    Note: Think outside the box. Be creative. Try thinking in a different way to complete this task.
    Section Objectives
  • In this section we will:

    1.  Examine modern leaders and their leadership styles
    2. Read about current events
    3. Criticize modern leaders and their leadership styles
    4. Defend modern leaders and their leadership styles
    Questions to Consider
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