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  • How does the Earth's atmosphere affect the appearance of the sun's corona during a solar eclipse?

    The corona appears distorted.
    The corona appears weakened.
    The corona appears magnified.
    The corona appears intensified.

  • What do astronomers hope to understand by studyign Kevin Reardon's and David Slater's images of plumes from the sun?

    the corona
    the solar wind
    the 1995 eclipse
    the Soft X-ray Telescope

  • Scientists take advantages of eclipses to see objects close to the sun because at other times

    such objects are farther from the Earth.
    there is not enough sunlight to see such objects.
    the brightness of the sun makes such objects hard to see.
    such objects cannot be seen because they are on the far side of the sun.

  • According to these articles, which statements is most accurate?

    Scientists studying eclipses photograph the streamers extending from the corona.
    Scientists studying eclipses gain a better understanding of the sun's effects on the Earth.
    Scientists study eclipses to help measure the extreme temperatures found in solar winds.
    Scientists study eclipses to complete the scientific record begun by John Parkinson in 1715.

  • What do these articles show about conducting eclipse research?

    Eclipses were studied in 1991, 1995 and again in 1999.
    Eclipses offer important opportunities for scientific investigation.
    Scientists can confirm the existence of gravity on the sun only during an eclipse.
    Scientists can learn about different wavelengths of light on the sun only during an eclipse.

  • What is the author's purpose in writing "Stop That Car!" and "Electronic Eyes"?

    to warn the reader about dangers that exist
    to inform the reader about new and safer technology
    to entertain the reader by describing frightening situations
    to encourage the reader to become a police officer or firefighter

  • Which statement is the weakest argument for using CairnsIRIS?

    Firefighters may be at risk without it.
    It is being used by several fire departments.
    The device can detect many unseen dangers.
    This technology helps locate unconscious victims.

  • Which part of the CairnsIRIS assists a firefighter in rescuing concealed victims in a burning building?

    sensors that detect lifeforms
    sensors that gauge heat intensity
    infared "eyes" that detect movement
    infrared "eyes" that sense temperature

  • The letters "IR" in IRIS probably stand for


  • How are the two types of AVECM units different?

    One rests on the ground; the other shoots from a police car.
    One alerts the police; the other alerts the neighborhood watch.
    One punctures the vehicle's tires; the other stops it electronically.
    One stops the car; the ohter locates it on the police station's map.

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