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Sandra Humphrey (sandyh) on Sep 18 | 54 comments

Hi Everyone,

I have set up this space as a playpen for us to have a look at and experiment with a "social Learning" environment.  So far, I have found this space very easy to navigate around in and the tools are fairly intuitive if you are familiar with the basics of blogs, discussions and the like.  One of the really cool features of this space is the ability to link to a range of different types of social web content, including blogs, flickr, YouTube, and Google stuff.

Everyone in this group has Administrator access so feel free to have a bit of a play around with the tools and content and get a feel for the environment.  One of the obvious issues for me in using this type of enviornment compared with something like Vista is that this is more a collaborative community space where we can share and build on what each of us brings to the "table" so to speak.  You may find that it is quite difficult to present a linear type of learning experience in Ecto.  The environment and tools are more suited to unstructured collaboration and group work and "community" building.  So go forth and conquer!  It is worth the effort.


Sandra Humphrey (sandyh) on Sep 05 | 89 comments

Wow!  I've been exploring some of the tools and features in Ecto and have added some stuff to our group space.  I just found out how to add a YouTube search to a "learning page".  In Ecto, a learning page is like a web page where you can add a variety of content including various media types, web links etc.

 Have a look at it here