making a start

So this is both an Ecto try out, and a personal challenge to see if I can pull together an online course around the idea of networked learning. I've given myself a few hours to get it started, and am hoping a few others will come in and help me build it up a bit.

I have found a few limitations in Ecto, hopefully they will be fixed soon. Ecto only accepts external content from a small number of socially networked media sites. I want Google video, maps, Slideshare, MP3 embed, and a few other things I have not even thought of just to keep it interesting. It also feels a bit too much like a learning management system with its emphasis on content and assessment. Its good to see the social networking features and the interoperability with external services, but I'd like to see alternative ways of presenting a way to learn other than content and assignments. I reckon a mediawiki option woyuld be good for those who want a bit more free form.

But, over all it is easily as good as the commercial LMS I have used, and well worth keeping an eye on.


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Former creative director of Balenciaga ( and creator of the hugely successful Motorcycle Bags ) Nicolas Ghesqui¨¨re is the name most often heard to replace Jacobs, and is rumored to have been in talks with LVMH for some time now . These talks have yet to prove conclusive , but it would probably be the best choice for such a huge role. Ghesquiere not only widely regarded as a genius in the industry, but it is the kind of big name that excite people of fashion and general consumers alike. Not only that, but he has proven expertise in creating handbags incredibly popular , a category that is still the bread and butter Vuitton and likely will for the foreseeable future , if not forever .
Angelina starred in a Louis Vuitton campaign back in 2011 " core values ??" , it is certainly a friend of the brand. Now abandoned, the " Core Values" campaign were designed to emphasize the heritage of haute couture , promoting values ??such as craftsmanship , integrity and the cosmopolitan nature of the brand. I feel that the campaign is mainly to help you free your mind of all brand associations you have with the myriad of celebrities BT - lugging you love to hate , if only for a moment.
This bag and others like him in East Dane (new offshoot of menswear ShopBop ) come from New York What Goes Around , Comes Around , one of louis vuitton outlet the best front lines of the U.S. premium for vintage fashion . WGACA sells its goods in both its own stores and online , and offers a small selection of leather goods and jewelery both ShopBop and Eastern Dane .
The bag is available in two sizes , MM and GM , with a difference of 1.5 inches in width between them (14.2 to MM 15.7 GM ) and a difference of $ 450 ( $ 5,150 vs. $ 5600) prices. This kind of price puts the brand firmly in territory Hermes , a comparison is likely Vuitton hopes to find new jobs with its leather and resulting price .
Angelina Jolie was recently spotted car around LA with her ??eldest son Maddox, with a new Capucines Louis Vuitton . The bag comes only in leather and lack 99% of LV logos remarkable that you usually expect to see , which is indicative of the will of Louis Vuitton to capture more customers with high-dollar relatively less flashy leather products, more upscale than appeal to a wider range bag design fans . The Capucines is not an entirely new design LV course, simply a one invigorated. You can buy it for Angelina Jolie appropriate price tag even $ 5150 Louis Vuitton .
In life, there are some great equalizers: the DMV , the command line to Duane Reade , the site Ticketmaster morning that Beyonce Lady Gaga tickets for sale . For celebrities , the great equalizer seems to be the airport, no matter how rich and famous they are , un

lctkbsja on Mar 25
tun, vier wieder zu Hause? Du bist schlimmer als die Plagen ?gyptens " Und dann begann das Pferd schnauben und Aufzucht , und sie gucci outlet sagte : ' Raus hier ! Kannst du nicht louis vuitton bags sehen, he'snervous , der
¨¹ber die Konf?deration zu kommen. gucci outlet online Und ¨¹berhaupt, sind theYankees zu viel Angst louis vuitton outlet online vor uns zu k?mpfen. Es wird keinen Krieg geben , und ich bin m¨¹de, davon zu h?ren . " " Nicht gehen zu einem Krieg
Obwohl michael kors handbags der Leichtigkeit der Plantage Leben geboren , wartete auf louis vuitton bags Hand und Fu? seit der Kindheit , die Gesichter Christian Louboutin online OFTHE drei auf der Veranda waren weder locker noch louis vuitton store weich. Sie hatten die Kraft
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Witz , Louis Vuitton Sale und Scarlett , die nicht freiwillig ge?ffnet hatte, ein Christian Louboutin Outlet Buch seit dem Verlassen des Fayetteville Female Academy im louis vuitton outlet Jahr zuvor , dachte es genauso amusingas sie taten. michael kors "Ich wei?, dass Sie
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