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Creating your Ecto Identity

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  • By adding a photo of yourself and some personal information, you can create a digital identity for yourself within the Ecto community. Please note that if you told us that you are under 13 years old when you signed up you will not have access to edit your profile. This is in accordance with "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998" or COPPA as it is more commonly known.


    You are on the Edit Profile / View Profile page. Begin personalizing your profile by uploading a photo of yourself from your computer.

    DO THIS:

    • Click CHOOSE FILE… underneath the default photo
    • Navigate to a JPG or GIF image on your computer’s hard drive – in Windows click OPEN
    • Note that the file path for the photo now appears in the field below the default image. (Your photo will appear once you click the SAVE button)

    On the Edit Profile / View Profile page there are a number of optional fields for entering personal information in order to personalize your profile. Note the links in the upper red box in the screen image above. As you can see, there are three main links labeled, Personal, Education, and Professional. Explore these pages and you will find many different areas to add information that will help others to connect with you.

    DO THIS:

    • Fill out the optional information fields
    • Notice that some of the information field have accompanying radio buttons to the right that enable you to choose who can see the information
    • Click Save to save your changes and continue working on your profile (or) click Save & Dashboard to save your changes and go to to your Dashboard

    You can change the background color of your Dashboard/Profile page to a shade that suits you best.

    DO THIS:

    • If you are on your Dashboard page click Profile -- this takes you to your Edit Profile page
    • On the Edit Profile page, scroll to the bottom and click the EDIT THEME button
  • DO THIS:

    • Move the circles until you find a background color you like
    • When you find a color you like, click UPDATE to see how it will look
    • If you don't like it, adjust the color wheel and click UPDATE again
    • When you find a color you like, click SAVE & DASHBOARD to set the color and return to your Dashboard
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