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Intro to Photosynthesis

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  • Introduction to Photosynthesis.

  • Introduction:
    Photosynthesis is the first major topic for which you will apply your knowledge of chemistry. For the most part, however, the chemistry is descriptive, that is, you won’t have to solve chemical equations or even memorize structural formulas. Instead, you will need to provide names of molecules, describe their sequence in the metabolic process, and most important, describe how the process accomplishes its metabolic objective.
  • Definition:
    Photosynthesis is the process of converting energy from sunlight to energy in chemical bonds.
  • To get started, let's watch a short movie created by a student that gives us a general understanding of photosynthesis and the metabolic process. 
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    Which of the following is the original source of all energy used by nearly all organisms on earth?

    The sun

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    Explain why photosynthesis is extremely important for all humans and animals?

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