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Setting up a Course (Group)

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    The first step to setting up your course in Ecto is to create a group. In Ecto, at the most basic level, the classes you are teaching or taking are simply groups of users. You can create linked groups, joint groups, sub groups, depending on your needs or interests.

  • DO THIS:

    • Click the CREATE NEW GROUP button in the Groups section on the left side of your DASHBOARD.

    This takes you to the Create New Group page.

  • DO THIS:

    • Complete the information fields
    • NOTE: The Group Title is the name of your course – for instance, “Mr_Gribble - History - Period 1 - Fall 06.” We suggest using a similar format so that your course title is easily recognizable.
    • NOTE: By selecting Visible Everybody in the Ecto Network, your course will be visible to other teachers and students in the Ecto network. This is the optimum setting and the Ecto way. When materials are shared, they gain value exponentially and the global community of teachers and students becomes enriched and empowered. Or…you could select Visible to Members of this Group Only, in which case your course will be visible only to the immediate group members--in this case, Mr_Gribble's history students.
    • NOTE: You can edit your both your title and description later, but the more accurate the description, the more useful and accessible the information will be to other teachers around the world
    • When you have finished filling in the fields, click the CREATE NEW GROUP button
  • Now you are on the Edit Group page. On this page you can add a picture to help personalize the course. n the example here, it’s a US History course so we added a picture of the U.S. Constitution.

    You can also create a Join Code that will enable your students to easily join the course. To create a join code just think of something simple and memorable that you can write on the board for your students. For example, in the screen shot, notice that the history instructor, Mr. Gribble, is creating the Join Code GRIBBLEHISTORY 

    You can always go to the Edit Group page later and add an image or a join code


    To personalize your group page, you will probably want to add an image using the same steps you used to add your profile picture.

    DO THIS:

    • Click BROWSE… underneath the default photo
    • Navigate to a JPG or GIF image on your computer’s hard drive – in Windows click OPEN
    • Note that the file path for the photo now appears in the field below the default image. (Your photo will appear once you click SAVE at the bottom)

    The easiest way to have your students join your group is by using a JOIN CODE. The join code is password that you give to your group members. It allows them to automatically join the group once they log in to their individual account and navigate to the group page. It also enables them create an Ecto account with out an email address.

    DO THIS:

    • Pick a join code for your students that is easy to remember
    • When you are finished, click the SAVE & GO TO GROUP button at the bottom of the screen to save the information and return to your new group page
  • You have now successfully created your group page for your class. Note that your screen name appears in the Members section and you are listed as the “owner” of the group.

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