It is not just MUT

The truth is, 80% of the players are run exactly the same shitty plays the entire game. The reason is that I love the feeling of getting to upgrade my team although hard work and working hard to find players that are good. As a NMS participant, it just feels great to finally get the group that I want.this 100%, when I was searching for a career for just 6months after college I played a shitload of MUT NMS and becoming players I adored irl on my team was so fucking fun. Had a complete Chargers theme group plus a few other players I loved to cover their poor positions, and grinding for it had been dull but Madden nfl 20 coins so satisfying.

On boarding players it's so difficult for me to get on board they do a terrible job. Each year I tell myself I'll attempt it and in my first game I play with a guy using a stacked roster who literally runs a deep fade every play since his WR is miles faster than every thing wash CB I've. I suppose that is assumed to incentivize me want to construct my team, all it really does is make me feel just like Madden nfl protects shitty players with deep pockets.

It is not just MUT. Every sports game is loved by me and that I have this complaint with them all. FUT at FIFA, HUT in NHL, Diamond Dynasty at MLB, shit last week that I attempted 2ks my team and it was like the Globetrotters vs. the Generals. I feel like my satisfaction goes on these games once I play against the actual rosters online. Like when I'm playing against the Chiefs I know what I'm getting into.

In a lot of ways, I favor the drills that exist now. This video shows a drill but there is no defense. The drill does nothing to inform you which of these three routes would be the top read on any particular play. In fact, you might argue it reinforces certain cheesy elements by telling players and another is tough, so they'll steer clear of the ones that are tougher. The training system, in contrast, tells along with other information, then gives repetitions against defenses playing a particular manner.

That is a great deal more useful overall, IMO. Ideally, I'd like to see variations of both in Madden nfl. It has been about 20 years since I attended a soccer practice, but we'd exercises vs. reside defense and drills vs. partial defense and drills without any defense. If Madden included variations of all that, with a focus on improving play recognition, teaching on various offensive/defensive philosophies, and coaching player controller skills, that would be ideal.

Wow I can tolerate the tune in Madden nfl. The soundtrack for Madden 20. I don't even look at that songs. Only a lot of dumb Gen Z's title dropping football shit beats. I mean cheap mut coins who gives a fuck about migos? Twelve year olds that is who. Really wish EA would realize that 12 year old fortnite buttholes play Madden nfl. Give me a bit Ozzy and GnR. Let me hear you shout is, and are the greatest Madden song. I don't remember which one it was on but I remember loading Madden nfl up and hearing that song and getting pumped to move struck stick a person into next Tuesday. Since Madden 15 I been disabling EA Trax to prevent my ears. I'm

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