Good deal of NBA 2K gamers just do not translate

It gets a lot of hate and each criticism is understood by me. I've been a big time 2k NBA 2K player since 2k6. Never online tho for any reason. My bro and nba 2k21 mt I play dynasty/my gm modes and play matches. But it never gets the credit it deserves either. It is the best basketball game by a mile. I know the help defense stinks, and a good deal of NBA 2K gamers just do not translate to a movie game (not that Barkley is inside anymore, but Zion/Shaq/Iverson) never quite seem right. Along with the rise up and take over range guys are difficult to score with. Nonetheless, it. It's so lifelike and true, like they actually play when you utilize Durant or LeBron at the ways.

You are able to take a hot Durant, dribble court up and fire away and it seems identical to a game that is true. LeBron men that are bullying can be started by you to the rim and firing passes all over and it feels right. 2k needs to be pressured to incorporate a single NBA 2K player style annually like Jordan livelihood modes and the LeBron career. A Kobe manner seems like it ought to happen. But even like a redo of drose livelihood or Penny hardaway. Make me Shaq and let me choose what to do with my career. That could be really enjoyable. Make me pippen at 94 and let me choose to stay with the bulls or escape and face Michael when he returns. There is so many fun scenarios and that I expect they put effort in that mode.

Yeah I agree with this, I've been a fan of NBA since I could recall about myself but began getting into 2K in 2k13 which was the sole 2k I played up until 2k19 arrived and I am still to this day ignored by what within it. The crowd score the jump on nike shoes when the vertical is 99 is so gratifying to see, when I dunk. I like the meter that they added since it makes it more immersive and feels just like you are the one taking NBA 2K winning shot when you're doing.

I had a control so that you can see how much I actually enjoy 2k to buy mt nba 2k21 if I play it on keyboard hahah and never play PC. About bugs cause I seen some I can not complain. What I can complain about is NBA 2K mechanics. 2k13 has so many way to beat your defender off dribble or ankle break or etc... Whereas on 2k19 I have to run plays that I do enjoy but is impossible cause so it's tough I am playing on keyboard. I liked the 2k13 means of beating on your defender off dribble and passing it to complete the play.

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