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Leigh Blackall (leighblackall) on Oct 15 | 129 comments
I just added a new content element called "So what is networked learning?" I don't want it to feel like it ends at that point though. I want this to feel like the start to something. We need to get into issues like copyright and open educational resources, facilitation of online learning networks, technical know how, concepts and ideas for formal education using a networked learning model and things like that. So this might turn into something bigger...

Leigh Blackall (leighblackall) on Oct 14 | 151 comments

So this is both an Ecto try out, and a personal challenge to see if I can pull together an online course around the idea of networked learning. I've given myself a few hours to get it started, and am hoping a few others will come in and help me build it up a bit.

I have found a few limitations in Ecto, hopefully they will be fixed soon. Ecto only accepts external content from a small number of socially networked media sites. I want Google video, maps, Slideshare, MP3 embed, and a few other things I have not even thought of just to keep it interesting. It also feels a bit too much like a learning management system with its emphasis on content and assessment. Its good to see the social networking features and the interoperability with external services, but I'd like to see alternative ways of presenting a way to learn other than content and assignments. I reckon a mediawiki option woyuld be good for those who want a bit more free form.

But, over all it is easily as good as the commercial LMS I have used, and well worth keeping an eye on.